How long does it take to get my order?

Most orders ship in 1 to 2 days for unprinted bags and 2 to 3 weeks for printed orders.


How is my order shipped?

Orders are shipped FOB Factory prepaid. We use either FedEx, UPS or truck depending on the size of the order.


What size bag do I need?
BAG WIDTH Use one half of the outer circumference of the container.
BAG LENGTH Use the height of the container, plus one half of the diameter of the container bottom, plus 3 inches (for overhang). For square or rectangular containers, use the diagonal of the container bottom, rather than the diameter.


What is "camera ready" artwork?

"One-color, camera-ready" artwork means a clean, black and white composition on a glossy paper with center marks to size.
"Multi-color, camera-ready" artwork means separated compositions for each color, with center marks, all accurately sized. 
Halftone reproductions and screen tints are accomplished in coarse 60 - line screen. 
Line art is recommended for sharp reproductions. 
Artwork provided must be "to size" to eliminate added charges for reducing or enlarging. 
Where camera-ready art is not available, artwork will be provided upon receipt of your rough layout and will be billed on a time basis cost of $100.00 per hour.


What is the approximate cost of print plates?

Print plate cost are approximately $1.50 a square inch per color. A more exact quote can be provided upon our receipt of art. Minimum charge is $60.00.